Here is a selection of our latest news on opportunities, training and community programmes for residents in Halton. Why not contact us to find out more on 01928 592742.
All of these programmes are FREE.


Moving Barriers in Runcorn Project – Runcorn

Free twenty eight week programme for unemployed Participants living in Runcorn who:

  • Are in Recovery
  • Have a disability or Health condition
  • Are a woman
  • Are Single Parents
  • 50 years of age or over
  • Are of Ethnic Minority
  • Are 15 years of age or over and not in education, training or employment

Participants have the opportunity to get motivational and confidence building support, health & wellbeing advice, guidance with relaxation and stress busting techniques. Activities for personal grooming, with hands, face, body and hair care free treatments. Growing their own healthy vegetables, salads and herbs with gardening tips and hints. Also during the project help, advice & guidance on money management, budgeting, income and expenditure, with help and support on Universal Credits. There will be training on basic computer skills, support with CV’s, Cover Letters, Job Searches, job applications, and Interview Skills training.


DWP Universal Credit in Work Progression Training – Widnes & Runcorn areas

Thirteen week programme for DWP local Job Centre Plus in Widnes and Runcorn areas, focusing on delivering a package of support to Universal Credits claimants in Halton working part-time to enable them in increasing their hours of employment by:

  • Initial identification of barriers that prevent increase of hours and seek a solution
  • Engaging with employers
  • Motivational sessions
  • Are Single Parents
  • Myth busting on and awareness of Universal Credits
  • Digital support and Social Media awareness
  • Job Brokering sessions


Halebank Youth Club Community Learning Project – Widnes

This twelve month programme designed to suit the local community’s needs. With the provision of basic IT skills training (from switching on a computer and using the mouse, keyboard to creating CV’s, registering on Universal Job Match and an e-mail address). Also there is support with understanding Universal Credits, job searches, applications and Interview Skill & techniques.

The project includes Money Management & Budgeting advice & guidance, dealing with debt, its impact on wellbeing. In addition to this, there will be information on healthy routines, looking at balanced diets, five a day, regular exercise, and stress busters.

There will be training in personal care and grooming in line with motivation towards greater confidence and self -belief in a professional hair and beauty salon. When discussing healthy eating, there will be complementary sessions on planting and growing your own vegetables, salads and herbs.


Open 360 Modern Job Search Work Clubs – Widnes & Runcorn areas

Helping Participants to learn how to use a computer or improve their IT Skills, acquire an e-mail address, compile or update C.V’s, register on Universal Job Match, search and apply for job vacancies, train on and practise Interviewing skills & techniques, understanding Universal Credits, real life stories of other job seekers, videos and examples of how best to cope with the journey to a job. With access to a laptop, each Participant has access to all the following free; internet access, stationery to help apply for jobs, USB memory sticks to save job searches and applications, documents printing & photocopying, mobile phone to call Job Centre Plus and companies about work related matters.

The current Open 360 Job Club is running every Tuesday at St Andrews Church, Grangeway, Runcorn. 10:30am – 12:30pm

Widnes Job Centre Plus; conducted a thirteen week voluntary Modern Job Search Work Club with 24 claimants referred of which 25% secured employment in that period, 5% of the jobs were zero hour contracts and one was an initial work trial

Grangeway Community Centre, Runcorn; we initiated, designed and facilitated Job Club in partnership with Halton Housing Trust

Murdishaw Community Centre, Runcorn; we initiated, designed and facilitated Job Club in partnership with Riverside Housing and Liverpool Housing Trust

Halton Brook Community Centre, Runcorn; we initiated, designed and developed the twenty four week Community Led Job Club project in partnership with Four Estates Charity. This an opportunity for unemployed Participants to gain a qualification, whilst being supported in looking for jobs. There were vocational activities in Beauty Facials, Jewellery & Cards Making, Arts & Crafts, DIY, Landscape Gardening and Creative Media.

Talent Match Big Lottery Programme - Halton Young Mums Motivated to Work Project - Runcorn & Widnes areas

This is specifically for young mothers, who will have access to intensive mentoring and holistic support for those aged between 18 and 24 years old. The programme will support Young People to explore the areas of employment, self-enterprise, further education or training, and volunteering. It aims to improve confidence, motivation, self-esteem and work skills with the overall objective being to assist young mothers to realise their potential and achieve their aspirational goals.

We are working in partnership with Merseyside Youth Association, Merseyside Youth Fed, Halton Borough Council Young People Team, Runcorn & Widnes Job Centre Plus, Widnes Vikings and Halton Family Nurse Partnership.

We are working with Young People and Employers to provide access to opportunities, which could include work placements and mock interviews that will assist with the development of work skills and practical employment experience. Upon completion of the programme Young People will continue to receive mentoring assistance and support them with their achievement of aspirational goals. If progressing to employment there will be a period of continued support by the Mentor to ensure the transition to employment is smooth.

DWP – ‘’This is My time’’ Programme – Runcorn & Widnes Job Centre Plus

Open 360 commissioned to deliver a package of support to 60 Income Support Participants in Runcorn & Widnes areas for Lone Parents and Carers, over a 6 week programme. The priority here was to assist the claimants into jobs, closer to the jobs market and provide work experience / volunteering opportunities.

  • We started the sessions with motivational aspects to improve self-esteem and increase confidence in tandem with personal care, health and hygiene.
  • We featured modules on the importance and impact of debt, money management and the onslaught of Universal Credit.
  • The programme included employability skills in assisting the claimants to realise their potential and achieve their aspirational goals. We supported the claimants through basic computer skills, CV’s, Cover Letters, Job Search, Job Applications and Interview support.

Programme Outcomes
The following was reported and acknowledged:

  • We assisted the claimants to overcome personal hygiene, confidence and basic computing barriers to move closer to the Labour Market.
  • We assisted the claimants to overcome employability skills barriers and progress into employment. (total of 30% of programme completes)

DWP – ‘’Now is the time’’ Programme – Widnes & Runcorn areas

We are delivering a 13 week programme on behalf of DWP Merseyside District covering Halton (Widnes & Runcorn).

The programme is to support Job Seekers to move closer to the labour market or into employment by delivering modules to improve confidence, motivation, aspirations, and employability skills. Our modules will incorporate the importance and impact of personal health and presentation in making a positive transition to the world of work.

We will also to include a period of work experience or work placement that can be included in the Participants C.V, we are partnering with local organisations; Riverside College, Runcorn Shopping Centre Management, Halton Business Connectors and Halton Borough Council Employment Learning & Skills Division.